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Sometimes we go through these seasons in life where we feel as though we are being pulled in 50 million directions. We can't seem to decipher or explain why we are not doing the things we need or want to do to get what we want or need. It's as though we are driving a car but we are not moving. We want change... or do we? "Yes! I know I want change. I know that." Then why am I stuck, and confused? One thing we know for sure is that this is a very serious and difficult situation that needs to be addressed immediately if we want to move forward. We also need to do something about it before it spreads into other areas of our life, but what? Do we even know why this is happening? Well, maybe it's because we are afraid. How can we admit that we are afraid if we don't know what we are afraid of? Maybe we are AFRAID TO COMMIT!!! Sometimes we don't want to commit simply because we know the sacrifices that we have to make in order to see success in this area of our lives are tedious, boring, expensive, tiresome and time consuming. So we do a so-so job of what we are supposed to do and then we get so used to it that it becomes a habit. We then convince ourselves that we are "trying our best" even though we "know" we are not. After a while our wishy-washy actions start to take their toll on our minds and we want results knowing full well that our actions won't give us the results that we want. Now that we know the truth let's do something about it.

First off we need to ask ourselves a very important and relevant question. The question is...Do I really want to commit? There are three ways we can answer this question:

  • 1) Yes

  • 2) No

  • 3) Not right now

The first two two answers are simple. If you answer is "yes" then you have to commit and do what it takes. If the answer is "no" then you can breathe easy and not be so hard on yourself as to expect any results at all therefore setting yourself free of the confusion and frustration. If the answer is "not right now" then you have to answer a 4th question. That 4th question is "when?" Once you've decided which answer you are going to "deal with" it"s all uphill from there, putting you back in the driver's seat where you belong making conscious, honest, truthful life changing decisions.

NO excuses! Take Control!

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