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Valuable Timeless Truths About Success...


Whether it be weight loss, training for your first marathon or just getting in shape for summer. Regardless of your goals, there are certain elements that are detrimental for you to be successful in your endeavours. Along with

acceptanceunderstanding and an attitude of dedicationcommitment and accountability. These elements govern your behaviour, conduct and attitudes. Ultimately becoming largely responsible for the outcome of your efforts. 


The Five Elements Of Success



 2.  CHANGE "If you always do what you did, you will always get what you always go‎t"        

 3.  DISCIPLINE                          


 5.  FAITH     


  • Little faith    - a "trying" effort and attitude

  • Great faith   - a "believing" effort and attitude

  • Perfect faith - a "knowing" effort and attitude‎   


Our Roles


My Job


  • To teach you about nutrition / health / fitness. 

  • To motivate and encourage you on your path to better health. 

  • To hold you accountable to your health goals.


Your Job


  • To learn how to live healthy and be conscious and aware of your health. 

  • To allow yourself to be encouraged and motivated for optimum results in your health goals. 



Our Relationship (Must Have Qualities) 


  • Comunication 

  • Respect     

  • Honesty 

  • Trust

  • Loyalty 

  • Patience


Secrets To Reaching Your Goals                                                


  • Visualize, have a clear picture of your goal‎.

  • Put pressure on yourself.

  • Set a deadline‎.

  • Make your day into a habit.

  • Enjoy the process. 

  • Attack the day. 

  • Thank God each and every day for giving you life for 1 more day.


Who are you? Define yourself...           


     You are your mind and your thoughts                                      

     You are your conscience   

     You are your consciousness                                                                          

     You are your will


** You are what is happening inside you!                                                                             


You are not defined by your:                                 


Name, job, position, age, stature, net worth, race,                                                   

colour, creed, past, gender, friends or achievements.     


Leadership Qualities


A leader brings out the best in people. A leader leads by example.                                                


Words to live by                          


To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose                                                                                under heaven.                                           


Ecclesiastes 3:1 




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