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Some testimonials from our current clients!!!

Working with Pete was a life changing experience. Sure I made a fantastic physical transformation, Pete really knows his nutrition and exercise, but what really made it special

was the permanent mental and emotional transformation. Pete's gift is his magical ability to motivate and energize. The lessons I learned from him reached far beyond the gym and the kitchen. Pete will teach you what dedication and discipline really mean and you will learn to apply this to all areas of your life. " .... Rich D

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"Pete is a true motivator and a driven trainer, He provides an excellent training program, supplemented with disciplined nutrition. Pete has

made me believe I can do this, and it has changed my life." ... Brian O

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"Pete Watson has a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into to change your life completely. With his help you can literally transform your lifestyle but only if you follow his instructions to a tee.


Pete energizes, excites and motivates you to get the job done. His positiveness and enthusiasm will help you from week to week to stay on track and follow the plan perfectly. You will have no problem reaching your goals if you work with Pete and are consistent! 


I worked with Pete from March 1 st, 2015 until April 24 th, 2015 and have reached my weight loss goals but I plan on continuing with weight training to tone up my body by gaining as much muscle as possible. I was 138 lbs when I began and am now 115 lbs. I feel fantastic and look forward to continuing to improve my fitness and my health...No Excuses!!!" 





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"With Pete's encouragement, motivation and knowledge I have been able to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for 2 years and counting. Being in control of my health has made a world of a difference to my life. Thanks Pete"... Talyse W

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"Pete has helped me to understand the importance of nutrition and proper eating.  All my life I have yo-yo dieted and tried every fad diet out there believing carbs were a BIG NO NO! Pete has taught me that proper nutrition and eating from all food groups is how the body becomes sustained and how weight loss stays lost! Thanks Coach P!"... Christina M

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"I have been blessed because this is the first time that I have been fully committed to proper nutrition, weight training and cardiovascular exercise. It's made a world of difference to my health and well being in just a few short months. Working with Pete while being committed and accountable along with the support and encouragement that I received has made me look and feel as though I have won health back! "Thanks Pete for kicking my butt!"... Anthony M

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"Working with Pete made me understand that what you give, is what you get!  I lost 25 lbs in 8 weeks. I feel healthy and strong and will continue to be active and make healthy food choices." Thanks Pete... Wallace T

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"In an Industry that is built on misinformation and questionable marketing, finding a personal trainer you can trust is invaluable.
Pete knows his stuff, not only through study but because he's lived this his whole life. He was able to look at what I wanted to achieve and break it down in a way that was personalized and manageable... Working with him helped me lose over a hundred pounds and continue towards my goals.
The knowledge, atmosphere and results here at Physiques are what keep me coming back every week despite having moved to Toronto... I wouldn't train anywhere else" ...
No Excuses!  ;-) -Jordan T

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"Pete has been an inspiration to work with. He is the "real deal" and expert at nutrition, weight training and cardio fitness. We all have

busy lives and with his support have been able to stay fit into our

fifties. All it requires is two days a week, a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular exercise." ... Unidentified 

 "Pete Watson is an incredible trainer and motivator, a true expert in his field. He is fun and thoughtful and always has his client’s best interest. He is one of the most positive and honest people I know. This may sound too good to be true but that is just who

Pete Watson is!" ... Gord P  


"The best thing about Pete is he's not all about the hype or trends in weight loss. He shows you a new way of life re: health and fitness. He created a program for us to suite our lifestyle, that years after we have incorporated into our everyday routine. Besides Pete's knowledge and experience, he brings lots of motivation to every phone call when needed. Pete separates himself from other trainers by actually caring about you. Our life changed after we met Pete and would recommend him to anyone who wants to see results. Thank you Pete for everything....No Excuses!!!!" ... Walter and Chantelle



"Pete is a real find.... He could easily be working in any major city, offering elite training to those of means...but he has chosen a lifestyle that balances all his interests. You could not do better."  ... Lindsay L

"I worked with Pete in March of 2013, and in 16 weeks I got in the best shape of my life. Most importantly he has taught me how to maintain this condition  for life. Thank you Peter, I am truly grateful." ... Paul D

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