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Who are we? What to expect when you come here.


You will be working out in a private, intimate 1 on 1 fully equipped studio with the focus on "YOU". You will follow a nutrition plan that will be tailored for "YOU' by a certified nutrition specialist that is always there to answer all your questions all the time, who puts you first and always has your best interest motivating and encouraging you in a positive and fun atmosphere. You will be eating "real" food. The images that you see are real images of real food cooked by us in our kitchen, these are not stock photos. The equipment images are not stock. These are real images taken in our studio. These are current clients that still come here. Their results are real, their testimonies are real. This is not your typical cookie cutter gym. This atmosphere allows us to keep the focus on what's important...YOU!

This is not only a physical transformation, but could also be a life changing experience. What are you waiting for?... No more excuses! Get with the program! 

How are we different?

The wrong approach to excercise, nutrition and weight loss can be fruitless and disappointing, especially if you’re not seeing the results that you expect. You’ll likely quit prematurely and turn away from your health and fitness goals. Hiring the right certified personal trainer is one of the key factors in your success.


Our approach is different. Your workouts will be tailored and customized for you and your needs. Personalized for your own unique goals while being enjoyable, achievable and effective. Giving you the control you want and need in order to be fit and have a fit and healthy lifestyle. Your workouts will be practical, efficient and intense. Also a simple, but effective nutrition plan will be provided that is tailored and customized for you and your goals guiding and directing you successfully in a time period that you and I target on the day of your consultation. No guessing. No "absence of" carbs or food. No quick-fix, fad or yo-yo eating habits. That is not we are about. You will also receive  a cardio manipulation program to help speed up your metabolism so that you are constantly burning fat and not just depending on your diet to get you into shape. Your new metabolism will now be working for you and not against you, giving you the results you want and need so you don't subconsciously sabotage your fitness efforts and in turn your goals. 


Our focus is to empower and encourage you to be the fittest, healthiest, best "YOU" that you can be. If you have been unsuccessful in achieving your fitness, weight loss or health goals in the past then we can help you. What are you waiting for?


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