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Yes, is the overwhelming answer to all of our wants and needs but how do we get what we want? Maybe the question should be: What do we have to do in order to get what we want? First things first. Let's adjust our thinking. We are not going to wake up one day and have everything that we've ever wanted. We want six pack abs, but we are regulars at Tim Hortons on the way to work and we hit Subway on the way home from work. Our wants and needs are in a different solar system from our habits. Let's be frank, whishy washy behaviour is unacceptable! Ask yourself a few simple but important questions:

1) How bad do you want it? 2) Are you willing to commit to get what you want? 3) Will you be willing to see it through to the finish?

Now... ATTACK! With everything that you have and all that you are, knowing with a calm relaxed sure feeling that you will come out victorious. In order to be Victorious we have to face the harsh truth and reality of our circumstances. This is a fight between you and yourself. Make sure you come out winning because the lesser you will win if you let him. No more excuses!


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