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You've tried every excuse in the book. But your favourite and "bestest" is that you are just too busy doing much more important things. Why should you have to take 10 minutes out of your important and busy schedule to take care of one of your most important assets... your health? You just don't have the time. It's simple. Why take 10 minutes to have a simple healthy, low fat, low calorie, tasty meal when I could fry some bacon and sausages in 20 minutes? Oh yeah; are you ready for the kicker? It takes twice as long to prepare. I could get 5 times the calories, 20 times the fat, half the protein, tons of cholesterol and feel like a "backwards camel" when I am uncomfortably beached and harpooned on my favourite couch? Because looking and feeling healthy just isn't worth the trouble! Except that it is... Let's STOP lying to ourselves and do the right thing. Let's take care of our health starting today. No xqsez! Get with the program!

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