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We'd surprise ourselves if we calculated how much fear plays into our routines, decisions and our daily lives. There is the fear of failure, strangers, change, crowds, making mistakes, what might or might not happen...and let's not forget the fear of success. See now it gets interesting because if we succeed then we can't do the things that we so love to do. And it doesn't stop there because now if we succeed we also have to do the things that we don't love to do, which usually isn't fun. So let's sabotage our efforts or better yet let's not apply the elements that make us successful so that we can continue living our lives the way we want to. We need to keep in mind that fear can take control of our decisions and ultimately our lives. Fear is only helpful when there is a clear and present danger, but it is a disaster as a lifestyle. If this is your reason for not doing something about your present health condition then overcome your fear right now by running at it full speed and take it down once and for all. End the oppression NOW! Don't allow yourself to be crippled by your fear of success. Noxqsez! Dropkick your fear of success!

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