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The importance of carbohydrates in the diet is often met with confusion and controversy as a result of the number of high-protein, low-carb diets on the market today. Many people decrease or severely restrict their carbohydrate intakes in an effort to lose weight. However carbs are an essential part of the diet as they are a primary source of fuel for the body and brain. Not all carbs are created equal though and complex carbohydrates should be selected over simple refined carbs. Carbohydrates give you energy and help with weight control. They also benefit your heart and promote a healthy digestive system. Carbs are your body's main source of fuel. When you take in food, your body breaks down its sugars and starches, and absorbs them into your bloodstream. At this point they become glucose, or blood sugar, Your body needs glucose to have energy to do everything from breathing to weight training. In addition your brain needs glucose to function properly. If you don't take in enough carbohydrates, you become weak, lethargic and unable to focus on even simple tasks. Complex Carbohydrates are also a source of essential vitamins and minerals needed in the body for normal functioning. Vitamins and minerals are essential for hormonal balance, reproductive health, normal skin, nails and hair growth and good eyesight, among others. Include complex carbohydrates in your diet to improve your health as a part of a nutritious eating plan and healthy lifestyle. Noxqsez! Get with complex carbohydrates!

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