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Weight Training offers a host of benefits. Physically it can make you stronger, leaner, more muscular and fitter, but it can also benefit you emotionally. Many people underestimate the positive impact that regular weight training can have on your day-to-day happiness and self esteem. Its results may surprise you. Weight training can drastically improve your physical apperance, which for many people provide a huge emotional lift. If you are unhappy about your weight, whether you think you are too fat, or too skinny, then weight training can change that. It can make you happier about your appearance, and more positive and optimistic in general. When training, you also develop confidence by challenging yourself to lift heavy weights, or by pushing yourself tjrough grueling sessions, which can carry over to your confidence levels. Endorphins are chemicals released from the brain, which stimulate feelings of happiness. Often, they are released when we are happy, such as when laughing, or after periods of stress, like weight training, as a way of relieving stress. When you finish a weight trainin session, you may feel happy, relaxed, and proud of the work you have accomplished due to the release of endorphins. Noxqsez! Get with the program!

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