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We all want to get to the finish line...and then what? All of this hard work you are doing now will mean nothing. You've missed it then. Bragging rights, or a new way of life? There should always be something to strive for in life. Something to master, something to overcome, something to achieve, something scary, exciting, challenging and inspiring. Something that changes you and tells you something about who you really are. It starts with passion, a burning desire on the inside of us. Some quit, but the successful ones press on. They are thirsty and hungry and this drives them to overcome and conquer. Regardless of the odds you must stay positive and press on. The road will have bumps, curves, hills and valleys. You will fall...Get up! If you can't get up, crawl. Use your fingernails to get 1 inch further. Massive success requires massive action. You are well equipped with passion and hunger...STAY HUNGRY!!! Noxqsez! Aim for the stars!

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