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Welcome to my Nutritional Consulting and Personal Training Studio


Hi, my name is Pete Watson. I am a former Canadian body-building champion and I have been a personal trainer and nutrition specialist for over 20 years.


 I am "verified" and "certified" by a nationally recognized organization (Can Fit Pro). I have valid/updated liability insurance and a CPR certification.


My clients are individuals from all walks of life and all levels of fitness. They all however share one common goal and that is to "improve their level of health and fitness" through healthy eating (nutrition), cardiovascular exercise and resistance training (weight-training).


We have many services to offer you depending on your wants, needs, preferences and goals, both on-line and in-person in our fully equipped private personal training studio. These include:

  • nutritional consulting and weight loss programs 

  • one on one personal training

  • customized weight training programs


Whether on-line, in-person, via phone, email or Skype, I will design a plan that works for you and will be available for you to contact. I will encourage and motivate you to be your best.







homepage, pete watson, personal trainer, newmarket personal training studio

If you've been struggling to improve your health or just looking to get into better shape, hiring a private personal trainer is undeniably the best way to make it happen.


People talk a lot about different fitness training programs or whatever the fitness fad of the day happens to be – that's not what we're about.

If you really want to improve, what you need to do is to work out with a private personal trainer who knows exactly what you're trying to achieve and can customize a program to your unique and specific needs. Someone who has in-depth knowledge of fitness and health that can help you to learn the techniques you need to get to where you want to be, someone who will push you to achieve your goals and encourage and motivate you to be your best.

There is no such thing as instant results, but having a private personal trainer work with you provides quick results that can last a lifetime, as long as you're committed to your own success. I will advise you on fitness, nutrition, weight-training and every other health related topic, the proof is in the results that I provide. I can provide you the opportunity to meet your fitness goals at an affordable price right here in Newmarket, making it convenient for you. Reach your goals in far less time than you may have even dreamed was possible. My approach to personal training provides you with an escape from the stresses of work and the rest of daily life, while improving your quality of life in every aspect.




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Being overweight is viewed not only as a cosmetic issue but a health issue. Carrying excessive weight puts you at a risk for a variety of medical conditions from diabetes to heart disease.


Unlike fad diets or yo-yo weight loss, I will teach you how to live a lifelong healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness. Losing weight and keeping it off is about sensible nutrition mixed with sensible weekly exercise and not a matter of starving yourself. Learn how to eat healthy, make healthy choices and avoid bad choices. By raising your metabolism with cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition, you will be able to eat more while increasing your metabolism and making it work for you, not against you. 

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 A personal customized workout program designed for your specific needs in our fully equipped private fitness studio conveniently located in Newmarket, Ontario. Our programs focusing on strength building, muscle building, core strength, toning, endurance, stamina and overall health,  fitness and well being. Great for a healthy lifestyle and for stress management.


We welcome all levels of clients. Our programs are geared to:

  • those new to weight-training who want to learn the basics

  • individuals who currently work out regularly but need guidance or inspiration to take it to the next level

  • serious athletes who have reached a plateau and need help from an national champion who has "been there" and "done it"

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As a Canadian national body-building champion I have the experience and knowledge in body-building, strength training, fitness, nutrition and motivation that have produced results for myself and others time and again. In addition, I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years and have inspired and encouraged many others to achieve their personal goals.


Should you want a custom program just for you, I will design a resistance training workout program for you to use with your own equipment or at a gym.


Just tell me your needs and preferences and I will develop a program just for you. 

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